Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WSPD show recap - Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2012

Here are the discussion items from my stint as guest host on 1370 WSPD Tuesday:

* Hilary Clinton's comments about "preaching" to the world about the "elite" not paying enough in taxes and not contributing to schools, hospitals and growth.

Link to story

* In New York City, no soda but 'morning after' and birth control pills for high school students. A school nurse called in to say there was no way she would want to be responsible for dispensing this drug. Another caller asked how this could be allowed when they can't even hand out aspirin.

link to story

* A ban on father-daughter dances? Yes, because of the ACLU.

link to story

* More from the ACLU - are bans on same-sex classes and schools next?

link to story

* Nick Mascari of Third Base Politics on Democrat Bellfontaine mayor who is proud to be part of the dependent nation.

This link to the story contains links to previous posts, including this one which shows the mayor's new kitchen and outdoor furniture, and this one from Ohio Watchdog on the potential impact to a MSM reporter over the story.

Podcast is available here.

* This quote from Erick Erickson at

“…if a Republican candidate loses, the media blames it on the candidate being too conservative. If a Republican candidate wins, the media credits the candidate drifting toward the center. The only sure fire loser in American politics is the conservative movement, which is remarkable given the amazing success the conservative movement has had in spite of this.”

Wednesday Show:

* Jason Hart of Media Trackers Ohio will join us at 5 p.m. to talk about PolitiFact Ohio - the bias of its reporters and the opinions it produces disguised as fact-checking.

* Bacon shortage? Say it ain't so!

* Presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both in town - and Mayor Mike Bell's take on their criticism of China

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