Thursday, September 06, 2012

UPDATED! Where in the world is Samuel Wurzelbacher?

Samuel Wurzelbacher, also known as Joe the Plumber, is running against Marcy Kaptur to represent the redrawn Congressional District 9.

At least, I think he's still running.

He has a campaign committee and a website, but has been conspicuously absent from the news over the last month. That may be because of the flack he took for this:

"For years I've said, 'Put a damn fence on that border going to Mexico and start shooting...' that's how I feel. I'm not going to hide it just because I'm running for office. I want the borders protected, and I'm very adamant about that."

He made that comment on Aug. 10, reported, when he was in Arizona. Yes, Arizona - nearly 2,000 miles from his district.

He has no scheduled events listed on his website:

His last press release was June 29:

His last endorsement was three months ago:

He has kept up his Facebook page:

and his Twitter feed:

But there has been no news from him on the conventions or for Labor Day - and no reaction to comments made recently by his opponent.

This is not the way to win a campaign...

UPDATE: In conjunction with this post, this morning I sent a message to Sam via his Twitter and Facebook accounts to ask if he had any upcoming campaign events. Despite having updated both accounts, he's not yet responded...

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Brian Schwartz said...

He shouldn't win. He's a foul, disgusting human being lacking in humanity.

The other guy (shame I can't remember his name) from Sandusky would have been a great conservative candidate to challenge Marcy. Instead we ended up with this pinhead.

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