Tuesday, September 25, 2012

WSPD show recap - Monday, Sept. 24, 2012

I'm filling in on 1370 WSPD this week and I was asked to share the links for the show topics, so here they are:

* Vice President Joe Biden thinks we have 650,000 troops in Afghanistan and believes that members of our military are part of Mitt Romney's 47%. Why is he still on the Democratic ticket - and why does he have any credibility whatsoever?

link to story

* Gallup poll shows that a majority of Americans still believe the government is doing too much. So why do politicians keep making laws and expanding the government to do more?

link to story

* Did you hear anything about the Taliban terrorists who dressed in American uniforms and attacked an air base in Afghanistan? It's been described as "arguably the worst day in (U.S. Marine Corps) aviation history since the Tet Offensive of 1968. Why isn't this major news?

link to the story

* Why is the media overstating the number of people at an Obama campaign rally in Wisconsin? They said 18,000 attended the rally in a not-full 5,000-seat arena.

link to the story

* Ahead of the media curve, we talked about how kids are rejecting Michelle Obama's new lunch menu, choosing to go hungry rather than eat things they don't like. Today, Drudge Report links several stories on the matter.

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* Toyota is dropping plans for widespread sales of their electric car, saying that current capabilities for electric vehicles don't meet customer needs in terms of the distance they can run, their cost and how long it takes them to charge.

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* A Philadelphia city may sue a property owner for cleaning up 40 tons of trash from a lot next to his business, claiming he trespassed. Of course, last year they sent him a citation because of trash on the property they're now claiming isn't his. Insanity!

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* We also had extended discussions about 'wasting' your vote by voting for a third-party candidate. A piece of wisdom from one caller: your vote is only wasted when your vote doesn't reflect your principles.

I insisted that every voter examine the records of the candidates, their prior votes and action, compare it to what they're saying on the campaign trail, and look at party platforms for general philosophy and then vote for the candidate you believe is best.

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skeeter1107 said...

The argument for voting for a third party candidate for president can be high minded and people should vote for whomever they want.

However.....in the world of politics, it's about winning. Until any third party is willing or able to win at the local and state level, winning the presidency is never going to happen. Even if it did, without some sort of party support in both houses of Congress, it wouldn't work.

So my advice, create a movement akin to and as effective as the Tea Party movement, then you have something. BTW, I do believe more so in the Libertarian views than I do either the Democrat or Republican views. But I will vote Republican because I see it as the only viable way of removing Obama.

Remember....it's about winning. You can't change things if you are not in office.

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