Tuesday, February 07, 2012

BREAKING: Shakeup in GOP state central committee slate from Lucas County

I've been hearing rumors that deals were being worked out to eliminate the contested Republican state central committee races in the 2nd and 9th senate districts here in Lucas County.

As of a few moments ago, Kelly Mettler, Gina Kaczala and Tom Morgan have withdrawn their candidacies for state central committee. This leaves Dee Talmage and Mickey Wagoner unopposed in SD 2 and Meghan Gallagher unopposed in SD 9.

Mettler's withdrawal was filed in Lucas County while the Kaczala and Morgan withdrawals were filed by LCRP chairman Jon Stainbrook in Wood County.

Unaffected is the central committeeman race in SD 9 where Stainbrook is running against incumbent Johnathan Binkley and Sean Binkley who, it was speculated, was recruited by Stainbrook to inject confusion into the race and draw votes away from Johnathan.

How this impacts the growing rift between Gov. John Kasich and State Party Chairman Kevin DeWine is unknown.

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