Thursday, February 09, 2012

Occupy Unmasked

Citizens United held a blogger briefing to preview their new film, Occupy Unmasked, which tells the true story of the radical agenda behind the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Andrew Breitbart, Citizens United and Citizens United Productions President David Bossie and movie director Stephen Bannon made a grand entrance into the screening dressed in an Anonymous mask and cape.

Breitbart started the intro to the Occupy Unmasked movie trailer by saying, "I hate these bastards." He explained that he's spent several years traveling the country, defending the good, decent people involved in the Tea Party - but the Occupy movement is the doubling down of the radical left.

"We saw a preview of them in Wisconsin - and the media ignored it," he explained. OWS is the "Rose Parade of the left's attempt to take on the rise of the conservative movement."

"The media helped to manufacture an intentionally vague movement in order to appeal to a lot of young people," Breitbart explained. And it worked. Young, unhappy people were drawn to a movement that could mean and stand for whatever they wanted it to.

The leftist media was complicit in trying to advance the radical agenda of these groups. "When Occupy exhibited the behavior the media warned was coming from the Tea Parties, it was ignored. This (movie) tells the story," Breitbart said.

We then viewed the trailer and heard more about how OWS was a concerted and coordinated effort of the most radical of leftists to destroy the nation.

The movie will debut this spring.

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