Friday, February 10, 2012

CPAC - Ann Coulter

My rough notes from Ann Coulter's comments at CPAC 2012 - apologies for typos:

- greetings 1 percenters...

- Michael Moore is only 1 person and he controls 33% of the world's cholesterol...the system is rigged

- one of liberal mobs attributes is their infernal slogans that sound great but are actually moronic...

- it was slogans that got Obama elected "hope and change," "we are the ones we've been waiting for" ... now we have a lunkhead in the White House, we're $15 trillion in debt and Obama wants to spend more.

- First it was the $1 trillion stimulus that was supposed to be for jobs but just stimulated the government and now they want another trillion for 'jobs'...

- Republicans should just ask what happened to the last trillion?

- Obamacare is so terrific that Democrats immediately started handing out waivers... This did bring us all together, though, as Obama promised.

- the lowest unemployment numbers Obama had was the day he took office - gone up since then. Everyone in media is celebrating, even though the rate is now a full point above when he took office.

- even with all this, Obama is going to be difficult to beat because he's an incumbent; people keep telling pollsters they like him personally; he's black;

- voters with 40 years of politically correct education are estatic to have a black president. When is it going to be okay in this country to admit we elected a person because of his skin - I'm talking about John Boehner.

- Beating an incumbent has only happened twice in the last 100 years.

- That's why I supported Chris Christie who takes on the evil of our day - the public sector unions.

- Since last year, Obama has gotten worse and (Mitt) Romney has gotten better. (Coulter is a Romney supporter)

- This time Obama has to run on his record - and the only people calling for hope and change are us

- Since I've been up here talking, Obama has hired more hard-core lefties...This is the most important election in our lifetime because this is our only chance to repeal Obamacare.

- Who are you willing to stake the future of this country on winning? Who is going to appeal to the most independents?

- On election day, every stupid woman in the country will be driving to the polls sobbing because she's afraid of Newt Gingrich. I too enjoy people who annoy the media - I am that person.

- The only question you should be asking is who will have the most appeal to independents - to my generation?

- Reagan took out a sitting president by focusing not on the man, but by saying Jimmy Carter's policies failed.

- Dems like to characterize opponents as dumb - that's one thing you can't call Romney. He may be square, but haven't we had enough of hip by now?

Takes questions from audience:

Q. How can you be a female and a conservative - question college student gets at school.

A. All pretty girls are conservative. It's the feminist movement that has set us back - the reason liberal women are liberal is because they have to date liberal men (and we've seen how liberal men treat women - Clinton, Strauss, Weiner)

What liberals want is birth control crammed down everyone's throats - who does that help? Clinton, Strauss...

Q. How confident are you that Romney will do what he says now, considering his record?

A. You have to be insane to not think Romney is going to repeal Obamacare. If you can't trust that, you might wonder what if Obama becomes a free-marketer?

There are no Rockefeller Republicans running anymore. We've run - now it's only matters of degree (of conservative). Romney has the strongest position on illegal immigration, which is the single most important issue after Obamacare.

This is the future of the country.

Q. Romney supporter - what do you think of the future of the 10th Amendment and respect for the rights of state governments?

A. Concerned that some conservatives have begun calling anything they like 'constitutional' but things they don't like 'unconstitutional.' Constitution: the most brilliant document ever conceived in the minds of men for promoting freedom. There's a reason it's a limit because that's freedom producing. States can do things the federal government can't. It's why New York can ban salt and Tennessee can have guns all over. This is why Romneycare is constitutional and Obamacare is not.

Just the beginning: contraception ruling isn't a Catholic issue, it's a freedom issue. The point is - insurance is to insure against unexpected catastrophes. You don't call up your State Farm agent for an oil change. They're taking over every aspect of what you do and what you eat and calling it insurance. Soon every insurance company is going to have to cover and pay for everything that some liberal decides is wanted.

This isn't insurance - it's a scam, it's about government taking over your lifes, it's not Romneycare.

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