Friday, February 10, 2012

Quick thoughts on Ann Coulter's 'appeal to moderates' advice

Ann Coulter, a Mitt Romney supporter, said several things during her comments to CPAC that we've heard before, but don't necessarily ring true to me.

She said we need a candidate who can appeal to the moderates and independents.

I don't disagree that any candidate should appeal to the middle - that's the only way to earn their vote and win an election.

I disagree, however, that earning the support of the middle means we need to elect someone who does not represent conservative principles.

This 'appeal to independents' approach has historically been used by many to imply we cannot win when we support 'right-leaning' principles and policies so we must moderate ourselves in order to win.

This is what I find so repulsive - as well as incorrect. Conservatism and electibility go hand in hand.

Ronald Reagan did not shy away from his conservative principles. In fact, he relished in them. He believed them in his heart and soul. His fundamental faith that those principles are part of what makes this nation great - and, in fact, are the only way to advance the freedom and liberty our founders fought for - shone through in his words and deeds - and in his eyes when he talked about them.

His message of liberty and American exceptionalism moved independents, moderates and even many democrats to vote for him. Not because he tried to appeal to them, but because he spoke to their hearts.

Rick Santorum hit on this during his comments, when he said conservatives abandoned their principles in the name of 'cooperation' and 'getting things done' and, increasing, in whom to choose as our party's nominee.

I reject the idea that a person who not only speaks, but exhibits in their record, a conservative philosophy cannot appeal to the middle.

Conservatism is the clear opposite to the socialistic path our current President has placed us on.

I have faith that the American public, when given such a clear choice, will choose freedom, liberty, a limited government (rather than one that controls every aspect of your life) - and yes, the conservative candidate.

But only if that candidate is credible - not someone who is saying something opposite of their record just to get elected.

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