Thursday, February 02, 2012

TARTA board blasts Gee over "unauditable" books

From WSPD News:

The TARTA Board met this morning in Toledo and lambasted its director for presenting to the State Auditor's office last month a set of books for 2010 finances that were returned, "un auditable". Trustee Rober Vasques, says Gee's preparation was totally "unacceptable" and the members of the board were "blindsided" by it. State Auditor Dave Yost has given TARTA 20 days to replace the missing documents and resubmit the 2010 finances or face legal action. Bonita Johnson, board president ordered Gee to put together an action plan to prevent such a recurrence by February 24th to, while Maumee board member Francis Fey chastised him saying, "It is embarrassing to us... and this damages our reputation."

Apparently, General Manager James Gee didn't bother to share the upcoming finding of "unauditable" with the board prior to it being issued by the State Auditor, nor did he inform them of his excuses.

But as board members, they should have been asking about the status of an audit that normally only takes six months but is now in its 14th. No one doing their job as a member of the board should have been blindsided by an audit they should have known was late and referred to the State Auditor because the private firm couldn't get the required documents.

However, if it's true that not a single one of them was informed by Gee of what he erroneously called "minor" problems with the audit, then Gee needs to go - and I wouldn't even wait for the audit to be completed.

Unless the TARTA board takes serious corrective action, I'll stand by my call for all of them to go.

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