Saturday, February 11, 2012

CPAC - Ann McElhinney

rough notes from film producer Ann McElhinney - always a hoot to listen to (apologies for typos):
She's wearing a black t-shirt 'Fracking Brilliant" ...

- people have always been able to light their water...that's why you have towns called Burning Springs.

- why does water light? because America is so blessed to have so many resources. Do you think it's an accident that you have all that oil, gas, coal?

- there's a difference between us - some of us tell the truth and some of us lie.

- there are people in California driving electric cars who don't know that power comes from coal.

- like most people when it comes to energy - I like cold beer and the dishwasher

- think about baby born premature who just went home - would she have gone home

doing a film to take on the liars: Frack Nation ( for $1 donation you'll get executive producer status and be listed in the credit for the film

- anti-fracking film producer (missed name) admitted he knew you could always light water in American and when asked why he didn't include it in his film, he said it was "not relevant"

- tiny towns that were dead are now prosperous because of fracking jobs - this is American Dream

- environmentalists love windmills that are killing birds, but they don't like copper mines...Windmills are made from copper - Connect the dots!!!

- don't let EPA get involved in regulating oil and gas in your state - your state can do it better.

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