Thursday, February 09, 2012

Quotes of the Day - force vs. charity

Three quotes for you to consider today as I travel to Washington D.C. for CPAC 2012:

"Welfare rights are pseudo-rights: They rely on the force of law to take private property for the use of others without compensation and without consent. Public charity is forced charity; it is not a virtue but a vice." ~ James A. Dorn

"Legislators and revolutionaries who promise equality and liberty at the same time are either psychopaths or mountebanks." ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"[N]o one’s ever been able to show me any difference between democracy and brute force. It’s just a majority ganging up on a minority with the minority giving in to avoid getting massacred." ~ L. Neil Smith

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Mad Jack said...

I like L. Neil Smith the best; I think he's the most accurate here.

The so-called 'welfare right' is not a pseudo right; it's a non-existent right. The essence of welfare in our country today assures me that I, by dint of breathing and having a pulse, am entitled to some of the personal wealth that you have accumulated if I can be qualified by a government bureaucrat that you, the unwilling philanthropist, have no control over. I find that situation to be deeply offensive to me.

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