Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kaptur late with property taxes?

Sharing this story on the Democratic Primary for the 9th Congressional District here in Ohio:

The Campaign for Primary Accountability is lending a helping hand to Rep. Dennis Kucinich in his primary by attacking Rep. Marcy Kaptur as delinquent on her Ohio property taxes.

The Super PAC is up with a district-wide $116,000 buy that accuses the Toledo-based congresswoman of being late on her Ohio property taxes nine times, while noting that taxes on her Washington, D.C. condo have been paid in full.

It's an effective strike against Kaptur because the main case against Kucinich has been that he's been AWOL from Cleveland and more focused on his national causes and ambitions. This, at least, raises a counterpoint, highlighting Kaptur's 15-term reign.

CPA Super PAC spokesman Curtis Ellis said the bipartisan group chose to target Kaptur because Kucinich is more willing to buck party leaders.

But whoever is successful in next week's primary won't see any more help in the general, since CPA's only goal is to shake up primaries dominated by one party.

Read the entire article here.

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