Monday, March 31, 2008

Chuck Muth's take on Samsphere 2008

from his News & Views email:


The Sam Adams Alliance - and no, it's not a beer-drinking club, though everyone I met there seems to favor the brew - hosted a conference this weekend in Chicago for about 50 of the nation's leading conservative/libertarian bloggers to share information and tips, as well as overall "strategery" for the remainder of this presidential election cycle.

While bloggers were encouraged to blog about this bloggers confab, we all agreed not to reveal the details of exactly what was discussed. But I CAN disclose that a proposal to hack into NORAD and take complete control of our nation's nuclear missile arsenal and then use its computer system to play tic-tac-toe (hey, that could be a movie!) was voted down by a narrow 21-19 split decision.


Seriously though, I got to meet some of the most talented Internet activists and right-thinking writers in the nation today. It was truly an honor to be included in this group, many of whom are doing extraordinary things in their home states. The Left may have the Daily Kos and, but the Right now has a stable of Internet warriors fully prepared to wage intellectual war with them this campaign season.

Many of you are probably already familiar with Eric Erickson's Red State blog. If not, check it out. And then check out the Sam Adam Alliance website. Both are relatively new but are already major players in the conservative movement. I only hope I can keep up with them.

All Samsphere bloggers are linked in the left-hand column and I encourage you to visit them often. They will be providing a 'blog role' of these bloggers in the near future and I will add that as soon as it is available.

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