Friday, March 28, 2008

Would you let someone else control the temperature in your home?

That's what Toledo Edison wants to do...

At least it's a voluntary program and it's not government making the decision. But I don't need someone else to make such decisions for me, as I'm perfectly capable of doing so on my own.


navyvet said...

We have no problem in our house.

I set it...she acquiesces...and only cheats on occasion.

But seriously, if every customer of First Energy/TECO was as dilligent as we, us, my wife's husband, whatever....all of our rates/usage would decline 25% minimum.

I have yet to read the Bla article, but I have heard much discussion some of which is even printable if I had the time.

We did receive the offer in the mail to take part in their program. I reread it over and over etc. How could you pass on an offer to receive a digital thermo gismo worth $250.00 for free.

I asked a few folks what they thought of the offer? They said wow, how do we sign up? Once they learned about the catch, they mumbled a few words some of which I had not heard before.

I will now go read one of America's newspapers.


Brian said...


While many newbie republicans and conservatives rail against the abuses and direction the neo-socialists in this country are taking us, and rightly so, too few recognize the collusion which our corporations are currently engaging in. When corporations engage in collusion with a government to thwart democracy and then use the government to further its agenda, this is called corporatism or fascism. Unfortunately while the democrats are leading this country toward a European brand of socialism, some in the Republican Party, with assistance from some Democrats, are leading us to corporatism. I dear say that many republicans are helping the democrats to move us toward socialism as well!

Sometimes that line between corporatism and socialism becomes blurred when one considers that General Electric has been working behind the scenes with the Department of Energy to mandate renewable energy technology they are developing, then through one of their subsidiaries NBC Corporation, the sinking media company, has been running a “green” propaganda campaign to influence Americans to adopt the socialist environmental agenda. But in the end contrary to the leftist propaganda there is only a fine line of difference between a socialist and corporatist.

Folks need to get smarter and return to our historical roots. If we don’t seek our founders’ perspectives and understanding we are going to witness the day when a representative from Toledo Edison sits along side the “elected” officials on the Toledo City Council to have a vote in every facet of our community life.

Carol said...

No thanks. Our thermostat is not above 66 in the winter - ever. I won't allow it. Gets too hot in here.

But even if I kept it on 80 I don't want Edison controlling anything I do. They can't control their own business so why would I want them trying to control mine.

Tim Higgins said...


This is just too sad to comment on, and those that give up any form of self-control deserve what they get.

Robin said...

I saw this in the Blade. My immediate response was laughter and "Hell No!!!"

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