Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

It's been a long time - a really long time - since I decorated eggs for Easter. For as much as the process has changed, it's still the same.

With stickers and plastic shrinking decals and glitter paint, I wasn't sure I would know what to do. But, with colored pellets and vinegar, and the ever-present 'dipping wire,' I felt right at home. I did not, however, miss the days of stained fingers.

My friends Jason and Julia were the primary impetus for decorating eggs this year as they came down from Ann Arbor to spend the weekend with us. Even our friend George and my husband Sam did an egg - George doing one reminiscent of his sailboat "Group Therapy" and Sam focusing on geometric placement of the colors (he is an engineer, after all).

As we left the eggs in the refrigerator, the Easter Bunny did not realize there were there to be hidden, so Sam will perform this duty and Julia and Jason will conduct the search. (Note to self: count the eggs before hiding them to be sure ALL are found!!!)

My three attempts at art, and all the wonderful decorated eggs are in the photos. Julia was particularly proud of the 'rainbow' egg she made, and Jason's smiley face is there as well.After all eggs are found, they will be made into deviled eggs, per a special request.

Later today, we'll all join with Sam's family for ham, leg of lamb, good conversation and time together. That's what holidays are for.

Happy Easter!

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