Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A conversation for conservatives

There's a new website that I want to bring to your attention - Martin-Stewart's The Conversation, and it's first entry:

The Conversation Begins....

Since 2004, Democrats have dominated the internet. They have owned the blogosphere. They have ruled fundraising. They have continually pioneered technology. Occasionally, Republican dogma has been challenged. The challengers have been lectured and scolded. Enough. The technology illiterate must realize… There is no nostalgia, there is no back in the day… There is simply politics, momentum, and what happened on this day.

Martin-Stewart’s Conversation will modernize Republicans. Fusing bloggers, campaigners, citizens, consultants, politicians, and statesman, we will discuss, expand, and improve our party. Instead of witnessing Democratic dominance and asking why… We will seek Republican dominance, asking why not?

The second post on the page, from fellow SOBer Matt Hurley who writes at Weapons of Mass Discussion, is "A Conversation on Conservatism," a topic that gets a lot of discussion among Republicans and Conservatives these days.

I highly recommend that you read Matt's post and share your thoughts on what it means to be a conservative in today's political world. I also wish much success to this new blog!

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