Saturday, March 29, 2008

Judgepedia and more from Samsphere

If you've ever wanted a one-stop location for learning about judges and the judicial campaigns, there's a new website you can use.

Judgepedia, which I learned about today during Samsphere, is a site that aims to bring sunshine to court rulings and the judges who make them...

"Judgepedia is an online encyclopedia that strives to be a consummate source for authoritative articles, open and respectful discourse, and reputable research for all things judicial. Because Judgepedia works like any other Wiki, we encourage the contribution and discussion of anyone who wishes to speak honestly about the role of the judiciary in America. Your support and collaboration are enthusiastically encouraged."

Each state will have a portal so those of us in Ohio can have easy access to our judiciary and their decisions. As it's a wiki, and one that's just getting started, Ohio's portal isn't yet up...but you can add it.

In other news...

Chuck Muth, who blogs at Muths Truths, was the luncheon speaker focusing on how 'new media' can influence local politics. One piece of advice that I intend to follow from now on is to encourage readers to contact local elected officials about issues - and to include all the contact information in the post.

(yes - I knew this was helpful but just hadn't done it)

So, whenever I blog about issues, I will include email addresses and phone numbers so you can contact the elected official responsible and communicate your thoughts directly to them. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to share your thoughts about decisions that will impact you.

And I was impressed with Chuck's talk because he didn't learn of the title until about 10 minutes before he was scheduled to he quickly put together some points and gave an informative and relevant speech. Afterward, he said that kind of thing is easy when you've been doing this sort of stuff for as long as he has. LOL!


Ben said...

One of the huge things I like about McCain is his support of conservative judges.

navyvet said...

I have deep concerns about the "Staight Talker." He may be a Republican, but he is NOT a conservative.

He will reach across the isle at every opportunity to get what HE wants regardless of consequences four the country..both current and longterm....

Open borders...M/Feingold - just for starters.

He slams Swiftboaters while not having a clue about the facts. It seems he doesn't care. After all, Jon Carry is a he must be telling the truth.

Ya right. How convient...the only Senator to go into combat with a movie camera.

If I was King, Kerry and Jane Fonda would have been tried and convicted for treason..and aiding and abetting. Their sentence would have front of a firing squad. Hard labor...bread and water etc.

Unless McCain changes, the only thing he will be good for is the military and that includes kicking the Pentagon in the *** to stop the waste, knock off the infighting, etc.

And then there is his temper...not good.


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