Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Children of Liberty to premier movie "Not Evil, Just Wrong"

This in via email:

The Children of Liberty to host “Cinematic Tea Party” October 18th

(Toledo) The Children of Liberty is proud to present “Not Evil Just Wrong”, a world premier film event.

What: World premier of the film “Not Evil, Just Wrong,” which takes on the conventional wisdom on global warming. We are coordinating with the filmmakers and hundreds of other groups nationwide.
When: On October 18, 2009, at 8pm
Where: Maumee 18: Cinema De Lux which is located at 1360 Conant Street, Route 20
Who: The Children of Liberty
Cost: Donations appreciated
RSVP: Call 419-705-3702 or respond directly at the following link
For more information visit:

Global warming remains one of the most controversial issues of our times. Some, like Al Gore, President Obama, and many environmentalists, believe that radical action to curtail emissions must be undertaken immediately; regardless of the impact such actions will have on our economy and way of life.

Others like the makers of “Not Evil, Just Wrong” question the science behind human-caused global warming, but even more importantly question whether solutions to other, more immediate challenges must be sacrificed in order to minimally impact a supposed problem that has not been directly linked to the death of a single person.

“Not Evil, Just Wrong,” explores the science of global warming with a skeptic’s eye, but it also links the current “crisis” of global warming to other supposed crises that mankind has faced in recent memory. Some like “Y2K” and Africanized honey bees making their way over the Mexican border created temporary panics, but did not really damage our society. Others, like the banning of the pesticide DDT without ample scientific evidence have resulted in millions of unnecessary deaths among the most impoverished peoples on the planet.

“This is the movie Hollywood doesn’t want you to see,” says Ann McElhinney, one of the filmmakers. “It’s not a mainstream Hollywood documentary. It features real people, and the real impact on their lives. We are going to distribute it the same way we shot the film-premiering it simultaneously all across the country”

Come out and enjoy the film, but more importantly, take the film to heart and take action!



Mad Jack said...

A few random facts about global warming:

Global warming actually refers to climate change, and has been mislabeled. Media and politicos seeking a cause to champion have capitalized on that label for personal gain.

The climate is changing. Scientists don't know why or when the change will reverse. Given that the one fact we know to be true is that change is inevitable, I see no real surprise in the climate changing.

Climate change was recognized as scientific fact in the late 1950s. The key word is change; not necessarily warm. The climate has changed before this. The dust bowl, for instance, was a climate change.

Virtually every single piece of legislation that would provide funding for the research and development of low cost alternate energy sources has been opposed by the petroleum industry, and their opposition inevitably begins with a corpulent congressman beginning his speech with "I'm no scientist, but...". What he should do is shut up and listen while the real scientists reveal the points they all agree on, the points they don't know and the things they disagree on and why.

Maggie said...

Mad Jack - I'm a firm believer in periodic climate changes. We have glacial grooves in our Lake Erie Islands, so obviously, it's been much colder here in the past and is now warmer.

I just don't believe that 'man-made' global warming is even a partially significant factor in the process - not when you see that other planets in our solar system (which, to my knowledge, don't have humas on them ... LOL) are going through similar temperature variations.

As for the petroleum industry, they lobby no more or less for their best interests than the environmentalists do. I don't believe we need government to fund research into alternative energy. If it's profitable, then enterprising individuals will pursue it. In fact, many of the people lobbying for such funding stand to benefit from the 'emerging' industry - so that's no different that what the oil and gas companies do.

Besides, it's always good to remember that we didn't need government to give us cars and flight...


Mad Jack said...

Besides, it's always good to remember that we didn't need government to give us cars and flight...

True. We need government to prevent such things and keep us all safe. :)

Timothy W Higgins said...

One need only see the change over time of corporations like GE to understand that lobbying can be used by the same group in more than one way.

I believe that no one would argue reducing energy consumption, simply as proper stewardship of resources. Stating that Man-made global warming is a fact however simply does not seem to be backed by the data (unless properly manipulated, as has been seen in such examples as Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth".

One must be careful about brandying about such terms as "scientific fact", when what is actually under discussion is a 'Theory of man-made global warming'. Neither should dispute be degraded to the level of name calling, as appears to be the case on this subject.

I am glad that the Children of Liberty are supporting this, as far too little of this side of the argument ever sees the light of day in the mainstream media.

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