Saturday, October 03, 2009

#DAD09 - Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt - radio host and author:

* so glad to be here with a group a people who attract the ire of liberals....

* remember this - when they attack the conservative talk show hosts, they are attacking you, your families and freedom - specially the 1st Amendment. Don't let them do that!

* six specific things....

* message to youth: in 1976, sat in dorm room with Alan Keyes drinking as Carter won the election...things were bleak then and continued for several years - that was what he had to look forward - unemployment, inflation, hostages, etc...

* then I met Ronald Reagan and heard him speak in 1979. By the time Reagan was done with his term as president, he had destroyed the 'empire' that had threatened to destroy us...things change quickly.

* 1) don't need to wait until 2010, we can and will have successes in 2009 ... governor races in several states, especially in New Jersey and Virginia.

* 2) remain active and adamant on the health care issue, especially with our senior friends, who will bear the burden of the fiasco ... and support the people who are fighting the health care bill

* 3) fight nonsense lawsuits - they kill our economy

(missed #4 as I was having my picture taken with Steven Moore - who loves being on WSPD radio!)

* 5) encourage and talk to young people. They need to learn from you - more than they learn from liberal professors ... train them and entrust them...

* 6) most important thing: We must stand with Israel. There is going to be a day when they will have to do the job that they must do and there will be a force of hate directed against our stanchest ally ... and we must support them, stand up for them now and after that moment.

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