Saturday, October 03, 2009

#DAD09 - Steven Moore

Steven Moore - Wall Street Journal:

* greets crowd and introduces himself as the warm-up act for the next U.S. President, Sen. Jim DeMint

* economic issues - since passing the economic stimulus bill, they've lost 3 million jobs.

* how delusional is this Administration? VP Joe Biden said the economic stimulus was working 'beyond my wildest dreams.'

* Thanks God for Wall Street Journal Editorial page, Fox News and AFP

* written editorial almost every day on the health care bill - but thinks that cap-and-trade is even more dangerous than health care bill... global warming is the greatest hoax of this century, especially since the earth is actually getting cooler.

* cap-and-trade bill (China and India full employment bill, he calls it), will send good-paying jobs to China and India - and how scary is it that so many in Congress want this.

* they think China and India will pass similar measures, even though those countries just laugh at us...they want us to jump off the cliff first, but we can't do that.

* national debt of $11 trillion - borrowed more $ in the last 18 months than we did in the last 40 years...most Americans cannot fathom a trillion....

* in trying to explain this amount to his son, he uses LeBron James $40 million/year wages to see how many seasons would have to be played to make a trillion: 25,000 seasons...

* what happens if Asian countries stop buying our debt? China believes it will be the next economic superpower - in 15 years, they believe they'll have a larger economy than the U.S. (that's not true, though because OUR Chinese are smarter than China's Chinese...)

* to focus on economic growth, we need a flat or fair tax in America - no double taxation on capital gains, savings, exports, dividends, etc...

* on health care, three things we can do - and we must insist upon these: 1) medial malpractice reform - take out the trial lawyers. They don't want us to read the bill, but I've actually read the House pages address medical malpractice - what about shared sacrifice??? 2) health savings accounts - to help give people the ability to have choice in their options. 3) open up state borders so you can purchase health insurance anywhere. In Massachusetts - your insurance premiums are 3 times higher than in New Hampshire. This will increase competition and lower costs.

* pumped up by actions of audience - was at the 9/12 rally. Not only do the politicians in Washington hear you - they FEAR you!

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