Monday, October 19, 2009

Shanahan fact-checks Wilkowski's JEDZ claim

Local blogger Karen Shanahan has gotten into the 'fact-checking' field by actually researching a specific claim of Toledo mayoral candidate Keith Wilkowski regarding his involvement in a JEDZ between Toledo, Monclova and Maumee.

She finds the claim 'wanting' - or maybe 'exaggeration,' or even 'lie,' might be a better term.

Another example of bloggers doing what our main stream media don't.

Keep up the good work, Karen!


James said...

Great job, Karen. Thanks for posting it, Maggie. Yes, our daily and the rest of the media here sure would not have spent the time Karen did. Of course, the daily will likely endorse Keith, so we shouldn't expect any real fact-checking from them on his claims.

Unknown said...

Ditto Great job Karen. Let's just hope that we have an free and open internet after Thursday's FCC vote on Net Neutrality.

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