Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Seeing the Space Station

For some reason, my husband is fascinated with watching the International Space Station as it passes overhead. For those of you with similar interests, here is a schedule of when it will be visible and where to look.

Thursday looks like the best day in terms of length of visibility and elevation...but the other days will be good as well.



navyvet said...

Hi Maggie,

Thanx alot...just what I need..something else to make me lose sleep....:(

Also, the only visibility I need is TV. As for elevation, it depends on the number of pillows on the bed. :)

But I digress. The Space Station is so today...so current...so germane. I suppose its ok.

But, tell Sam he ain't seen nothin!!

Back in the day when I was a "yoot," we would lay on the ground to watch THE atellite..Echo I....pass overhead about once every hour. This was post Sputnik which was some kind of Soviet contraption that really shook up the U.S.of A. But you COULDN'T SEE IT FROM THE GROUND!

Of course we invited the girls from the hood to come over and lay on the grass with...er...next to us. That's as good as it got back then if you know what I mean.

The first person to spot the big balloon in the sky won the contest. The prize you ask? As I recall, it was Cleveland. As young teens, we did not know how to "Carpe Diem" in those days.

Our "hood" was on Stickney Ave...near Woodward H.S....perhaps you've heard of it. :)

Love those memories....and we understand Sam's fascination.


Ben said...

Anytime I have ever tried to see anything in space - like a comet or eclipse or whatever, i always miss it or the weather doesnt cooperate. I remember when I was a kid when Haley's Coment came by and we didnt see it because of the cloud cover.

Brian Maxson said...

In about 45 minutes, the space shuttle will be flying overhead on it's way to landing tonight.

I'll try to get a photo!

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