Friday, March 28, 2008

Thoughts on airline travel

* Can you get athlete's foot when you have to take off your shoes during the security screening and walk where someone with the ailment has already walked?

* Why must liquids in the carry on be limited to less than 3 oz.? If you needed more than 3 oz. of a liquid to do something bad, couldn't you just divvy it up into 3 oz. containers?

* Are there really people who don't know how to work the seat belt on a plane?

* When the pilot and flight attendants ask that all small bags and coats be stored under the seat in front of you - or not put into the overhead compartments until all the bigger luggage is stowed - and people do so anyway, don't you wish you could impose some sort of penalty on the spot?

* Does it bother you when someone who is sitting in the back of the plane puts their carry on bags in the overhead compartments at the front of the plane, just so they don't have to lug it all the way to the back? Can we fine people who do that?

* Can I get a government grant to study why people expand to fill a space? In walking through the airport, parties traveling together will walk closely if there are a lot of people and it's crowded. But, when the crowds thin out, they expand their distance between each other to take up the newly-available space. This happens in malls and other walkways as well. If government can give out money for other frivolous types of studies, why not this one and why not me?

* And with all the inconveniences that have been added to airline travel, why are so many people still doing it?


Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


"And with all the inconveniences that have been added to airline travel, why are so many people still doing it?"

Well, it has to be even longer and even more inconvenient before them asses catch on...

(of course you knew that i MEANT "the masses," but it seemed to fit the situation ;-)

Timothy W Higgins said...


Welcome to the world of the Anti-Destination League. Those of us who brave the rigors of regular air travel have been long aware of the nefarious examples that you list, and many more beside. Who do you think blocks access to luggage at the baggage carousels? Who blocks the gate entrance when you are trying to board? Who blocks your path to your seat as if the concept of the numbers and letters of seat assignments are foreign to them?

Be careful though Maggie, your scrutiny of such activity places you on their lists, and therefore in grave danger. I in fact, have been forced to book reservations under the assumed name of Timothy Random. Not only does this disguise my true identity, but insures that I will be the "random" passenger selected for the body cavity search.

Happy traveling...

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