Saturday, October 11, 2008

AFP #2 - Steve Lonegan

First up on the agenda:

Steve Lonegan is the state director of AFP-New Jersey. As a mayor, he reduced taxes, eliminated employees, streamlined government and kept spending and debt frozen for 12 years, earning re-election by double digits.

Lonegan brought suit against the government to prevent borrowing without taxpayer approval. He formed the New Jersey AFP chapter in 2006. They have stopped two ballot issues that would have raised taxes, defeated toll and debt increases, and overturned a program that funded the re-election campaigns of politicians. He is considered the leading spokesman for conservative thought in NJ.

His comments:

- gathered for a special reestablish what it is to be an American and defend the American Dream.

- will we take the high road (difficult)to freedom and individualism or the low road (easy) to big government and the entitlement state?

- free market advocates are discouraged - the left seems to be winning. We know it's not easy but it's worth the fight.

- references losses in 1776. Thomas Payne wrote 'These are the times that try men's souls' in Trenton following military battle losses. George Washington drew upon untapped urge for freedom, they crossed the Delaware River and attacked the well-rested opponent. British talked about the look of determination in the fighters they were facing and they knew they would not win. It was a decisive victory that changed the course of the war.

- Americans fought and won and it was not easy - it was not easy to become an American.

- today we have Americans who are afraid of the impact of the financial markets. Some say it indicates the need for big government, but we are Americans and we can rise up and support our original founding principles. And we can win.

- 'greedy businessmen'? What about greedy politicians like Chuck Schumer and Barney Frank, Harry Reid who put their own political futures ahead of the country? They would vilify our heritage and our great prior leaders who made money and give it to charitable organizations because they earned their wealth.

- they embrace government entitlements and call it noble. But with such subsidies, no one will rise to their potential.

- predicts a new revolution in the state of NJ, as its ranked the worst in the nation for business and taxpayers. If you want to know what a Barack Obama administration will look like, imagine the governor of NJ on steroids.

- we have an opportunity to rise to the ocassion to meet the needs of the future not only for ourselves, but also for our children.

- we will rise to the ocassion and we will win.

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