Saturday, October 11, 2008

AFP #4 - Bob McDonnell

Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell


(Technically, we're in Virginia, across the river from D.C. and he's glad to be in his home talking to AFP.)

- AFP has made a difference in the last three years...increased membership and the successes identified by AFP president, Tim Phillips, in his opening remarks.

- I'm a government lawyer and I'm here to help. As a veteran, thanks for being the boots on the ground, doing the grass roots work of the movement.

- now, like no other time in American history, you are ripe to make a difference.

- with increasing government intrusion, you may wonder what one person can do. The job is not too big for you and your associates.

- McCain is a friend, will keep taxes low, will cut capital gains, keep the death tax dead, fight earmarks and that's what need in the president. Reagan said 'the man who agrees with me 80% if a friend.'

- other side offers more big government and womb-to-tomb government care.

- after national battle is over, there are battles at the state level. VA ranked most business-friendly state. Taxation, regulation and litigation stymie the American Dream. Government doesn't create wealth, but it can hinder it.

- has a task force looking at 23,000 pages of regulation with the aim to reduce it.

- cut his budget to help cut down on spending in VA.

- government needs to take lessons from the private sector and make tough decisions. We need to demand that government deliver - that they stop creating new programs, that they cut spending, that they set priorities based upon what is mandated in their Constitutions and insist on transparency so we can hold them accountable.

- eternal rules of order and right - a free people in a free society will create prosperity.

- Reagan had it right on government spending - baby's alimentary canal...

- formula is simple: founders:
* read article 1 Section 8 which limits the power of the federal government.
* bill of rights doesn't stop at the 8th Amendment - everything else is reserved to the states and the people.
* elect people who understand the Constitution is what is says. It's not a living document. Would you want to play poker with me if the rules are living and I get to decide what that means?

- stand for the principles; property rights, limited government, limited spending, free markets, lower taxation. It's not just the AFP way, it's the American Way.

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Timothy W Higgins said...

Perhaps, Bob McDonnell reminds us of an initiative that hasn't seen much traction in 2008 since Ron Paul's voice was silenced. That initiative would be a mandate to Congress that every law under consideration must pass a Constitutional litmus test before heading off for signature.

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