Saturday, October 11, 2008

AFP #5 - Herman Cain

Radio show host Herman Cain - introduced to the Superman movie theme.


- I like the music, don't stop...

- He sounds like preacher...great delivery.

- some of the most unforgetable, compelling words every written/conceived were conceived by those who truly understood prosperity when they said "We hold these truths to be self-evident ..." (gave the entire preamble)

- a lot of people have become confused about what prosperity really is. Some believe it is more taxes, more spending and more government. You and I know that prosperity is less taxes, less spending and less government.

- Nancy Pelosi believes that prosperity is 'a new direction.' Harry Reid believes it is 'blame everything on Bush.' Joe Biden believes it is 'patriotic' and Barack Obama - he believes it is 'fair and change we need.'

- I have a very simple message for all of the liberal kool-aid drinkers in America - a real simple message. There is no department of 'happy' in Washington D.C. And that's why we are ensure that people don't get deceived into believing that happiness is a guarantee. The founding fathers knew that it was the pursuit of happiness, not a guarantee of it.

- someone not confused about prosperity or the pursuit of happiness: my dad, Luther Cain, Jr. When he walked off a dirt farm at the age of 18 with just the clothes on his back. The only equity he had was 'sweat equity.' He had his American Dreams, and using his 'sweat equity,' despite the barriers and social inequities of the time, he had his dreams. He wanted to own his own home - to work hard enough and long enough to be able to buy a whole house. And he did.

- Dad was not confused about prosperity. He was not confused about what it took to achieve the American Dream. He achieved it the old fashioned way - HE WORKED FOR IT. I know it's old fashioned, but it works. (lots of applause)

- Dad have another dream - because Dad left home with nothing, he wanted to be able to be worth, in assets, $1 million. A man who started with nothing wanted to have $1 million - not because he wanted cars or boats or retire on a golf course, but because he believed in the American Dream. When he died in 1982, as his oldest son and executor of the estate, his net worth was $982,000 - so I rounded say Dad got his American Dream.

- the $1 million: Liberals want to take away that money through the death tax. The money was to take care of his wife who had MS for years. You should be able to take care of the things you want to...not have the government take it. That sweat equity belongs to you - not the American Government.

- Dad was not unique. He was just like you and me...that's why we're here and why we fight to keep this country from going down the wrong track. We have challenges and it's a bit scary in light of the polls and what might happen on Nov. 4. The polls are not always right.

- I know one thing that is always right: the winning will of the American people. We go up and down and might make temporary bad decisions but the winning will of the American people prevails.

- Even though we have challenges and fears, we still live in the greatest country int he world. But we have to keep it that way. The way we keep it that way is summarized by poet Ralph Waldo emerson: hold fast to your dreams for when dreams goes, life is like a barren field covered with stone. Hold fast to your dreams for when dreams die, life is broken winged bird that cannot fly. So dream those impossible dreams and fight those unbeatable foes....

- Hold fast to your dreams in the greatest country in the world.

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