Saturday, October 11, 2008

AFP #8 Blogger of the Year

My apologies for not being able to blog about the speeches by Grover Norquist, about the 'leave us alone' coalition versus the 'takings' coalition, and John Fund about voter fraud...

I was in the 'green room' with Erik Telford, the manager of New Media for AFP, preparing to accept AFP's Blogger of the Year award.

To say I'm honored is an understatement. I look at all the blogs I read and think how much I have yet to learn and do with my blog, so to have such a distinction is humbling.

My thanks to Lisa Renee of Glass City Jungle and Mike at History Mike's Musings (links will be added later) for helping a brand new blogger with getting started and various problems I encountered when I first started Thurber's Thoughts. Thanks to Mike especially who actually came up with the name. Despite our political philosophical differences, they saw me as another blogger they were glad to welcome to the blogosphere and help along the way.

My thanks also to Sam Adams Alliance and their Samsphere conferences - and to the bloggers I've met from those meetings. Without the training and education I've received from them, and the connections and 'community' (yes, that's for you, Emily and Eric!), my blog wouldn't be where it is today.

And of course, my thanks to AFP - especially the Ohio Chapter who, when I asked for help with prosperity-ending issues said we're here to help so they don't succeed. State Director Jack Boyle and Jennifer Siedel helped us establish a list serve to fight against the so-called Healthy Families Act, better known as 'sick days Ohio.' They also put me in touch with liberty-minded individuals in Cincinnati fighting tax increases.

I'm truly honored by this distinction.


Timothy W Higgins said...


My heartfelt congratulations. This is well-deserved recognition of your tireless efforts. As one who is still learning from bloggers like you, Lisa Renee, and Michael, I know how important that assistance is.

You set the bar exceptionally high for the rest of us, and we are grateful for it.

Kadim said...

It's funny actually, I was reading your blog today via my RSS reader so I was looking at your entries backwards.

As I read through your summary of John Stossel's presentation I thought "wow, these are excellent notes, I should post a comment recognizing that" and right there in the next post, you actually got some.

Congratulations. I think it's deserved. I don't read many blogs at all, but I keep yours close at hand.

Matt Hurley said...

Congrats, Maggie!!! The SOB Alliance is proud of you and your accomplishments!

Unknown said...

I wasn't the first to comment, I'm really happy that you received this award and it is very well deserved.

It's been a real pleasure to share the blogosphere with you and I look forward to many years of future posts to come.

Jill said...

A sincere Mazel Tov, Maggie. Although I often don't agree with you on the issues, I know that you are an excellent advocate for those with whom you do side. Again, as Lisa Renee mentioned in your post, it is also extremely rewarding to see one of the few female political bloggers anywhere along the ideological spectrum get recognized. Again, Mazel Tov.

DeeDee Liedel said...

Kudos, Maggie!

Maggie said...

my sincerest thanks to all of you for your kind words on congratulations - and for your readership, comments and feedback which have helped me attain this recognition!!!!

Carol said...


You have achieved a true milestone in your 'post-political' career. It's very apparent that your ideas, thoughts, objectivity and input are appreciated by many.

We are not always on the same side of an issue, but you are always willing to listen and offer reasonable counter-points.


Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


Sorry for responding so late (I've been recuperating from a recent hand surgery), but I'd like to add my heartfelt congratulations too!

Ya done guud Maggie!

And, you DESERVE both the award and the recognition.


skeeter1107 said...

Congratulations Maggie!

Stix said...

Congratulations. you deserved it and are doing a great job.

A Nonny Mouse said...

Congratulations, Maggie! I'm not surprised though. You write very well, and you have a knack for making complex concepts understandable to the average reader. It's good to be associated with you through the State of Ohio Blogger Alliance.

Michael Swartz said...

Outstanding work, Maggie. I send my congratulations as well from the Eastern Shore of Maryland - a state that's rapidly dropping to Ohio's lowly status as business-unfriendly (as I read in a later post of yours.)

Between you and Joe Wurzelbacher there may be hope for Toledo yet.

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