Sunday, October 05, 2008

An American Carol

We've just returned from seeing An American Carol and really enjoyed it.

Yes, it's slapstick comedy along the lines of Airplane, but I like that sort of stuff. We decided it's best seen in a group, and that it will really go over well with our 'hanging out friends' after it comes out on video.

Kelsey Grammer was fantastic as General Patton and Dennis Hopper was great as the judge. But my favorite was Robert Davi as the terrorist Aziz, because he always plays such a terrific 'bad guy.' I became of fan of his when he played in the TV series, "The Profiler," and always enjoy watching him on the big screen.

SPOILER: Do NOT read further if you don't want to know anything about specific lines in the movie.

My favorite line is when Aziz and his lackeys are bemoaning the lack of volunteers for their jihad: "It's so hard to find suicide bombers these days...all the good ones are gone."
Okay, okay - I know, that tells you more than you want to know about my sense of humor - but it is funny.

There's something for everyone in the movie and other than a few four-letter words which earn it a PG-13 rating, it's appropriate for older kids.

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Richard said...

Dennis Hopper is a busy man of late. He seems to have a lot of films coming out and events to attend. I just got his voice on my GPS from Is there anything this man can’t do?

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