Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Homeless man votes in Ohio and then goes home to Chicago?

Shelby Holliday has a video and story about her experience at the polls in Columbus yesterday. One of the voters admits to her that he's not from Ohio and as soon as he votes he's getting back on a bus and going home to Chicago.

We've got a major problem in Ohio and our Secretary of State is making sure that the potential for fraud exists. In order to ensure such things can happen without challenge, she told Boards of Elections that they did not have to allow observers in to watch the early voting. Many counties made the decision to do so anyway, like here in Lucas County, but not all of them have.

The scarier part is that this is the same location where a Republican poll observer was turned away.

Shelby documents just one example from her time at one polling location in one city. Is this happening all over the state? And what are we going to do about it?


gordon gekko said...

There's a certain irony in that democracy is being destroyed by the very party who's name is derived from it.

skeeter1107 said...

Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, you seemed so surprised he went home to Chicago. He is going to need to be home so that he can vote a couple of times in Chicago. He gets paid to do that also. Everybody knows that. Gee Whiz Maggie.

Oh wait a minute. You meant you were surprised that he was able to sign up and vote immediately! I'm Sorry. I thought you meant something else. Yes, I do find that surprising in a queasy sort of way. Dollar to a donut he didn't vote Republican.

Actually, what strikes me as even weirder is the question of what motivates a supposed homeless man sitting there with no money, no future and he then has a eureka moment that involves voting? What??

I can hear it now "a voice told him to take what little money he has, panhandle some more and then ride for four hours to vote in Columbus." Could have been old testament stuff too. Maybe it was a burning bush that instructed him to do that. I know I would do whatever a burning bush told me to least until the medical people intercepted me.

So how do you explain that on the sign when you are pestering people for money? Try this "Need $$$ to vote in Columbus. Extra $$$ for lunch would be nice too."

Now I would be the first to admit, I'm no expert on the homeless. But I can honestly say that when I've seen news articles about the homeless, I don't remember anyone saying anything about voting. I thought it was all about food, shelter, jobs, getting out of the cold. Obviously, I missed the one show that emphasized voting in the wrong state after long bus rides and a desire to take a long bus ride back home. I will pay closer attention next time.

To answer your original question, we can only hope that somehow there will be a legal injunction to stop this. That along with not allowing the busload of people getting off the charter bus from Chicago to vote.

What a sorry display!

Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...

Maybe we'll learn from this and fix the problem before the next election.

But, who am I kidding, this IS the "fix..."

Brian Schwartz said...

Brunner is by far, the most political elections officer in the country. She is an embarrassment to the state and unworthy of the office that she holds.

Republicans need to remember these outrages when she comes up for re-election.

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