Thursday, October 23, 2008

Toledo schools making robo calls in Wisconsin?


On Tuesday, I received an email from a person in La Crosse, Wisconsin, who found my post about Toledo Public School children being forced to fill out a pro-levy campaign post card. He ended up on my blog because I included information about the Committee for Schools and their treasurer, Angela Jordan.

He wrote:

"This comment is being left in hopes that Maggie Thurber will pick up on it and give the lovely (scarcasm) Angela Jordan, Treasurer, Committee for Schools a call and ask her just what the heck is going on. I live in La Crosse, WI and for the last two or three days I have had multiple msgs left on my answering machine by what sounds like a young person (hard to understand) that keeps telling me to vote for issue 7 on March 4 (WHAT YEAR?) and blah, blah, blah.......... Isn't that intelligent! Paid for by Committee for Schools, Angie Jordan, Treasurer.

While this may be a mistake, (and it appears that it may be a BIG ONE). as this message was left on my answering machine a minimum of 10 times today. It comes through as a unknown name and unknown number. While I hope to try and contact her myself to see what is up, or get her home number and call her 10 times a day too and see how she likes it.

Thanks for letting me vent and giving me a possible place to contact her."

As part of the clarification I asked for, he responded:

"Yes, I live in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and yes it has been basically non-stop robo calls for three days from the Committee for Schools, Angie Jordan, Treasurer. I have not a clue on anything, other than I found this organization and her name on the net, and in your article.

To the best of my knowledge there is nothing called an "issue 7" for us to vote on this November, but remember their message is saying vote "March 4". What year? I did just place a call to the Clerks office and was told there is nothing to vote on this November that is called issue 7.

Anything you may find out to stop these calls (if they are sponsored by her Committee) is appreciated."

I did some checking and verified that TPS did have a levy issue on our March 4 primary ballot - and it was Issue 7. So I provided the TPS phone number and email for Jordan to him and asked him to keep me posted on his efforts to get the phone calls to stop. This morning, I received this email:

"I did try and call the numbers on your web page to reach Angela, however, apparently nobody was there to answer the telephone, or wouldn't. At least I only received one message yesterday on the subject.

On my way into work this morning there was a little blip on one of our local radio stations (link below) about this matter and apparently our school board also has determined that this robo call was on an issue in Toledo, OH.

Not only was it irritating to receive the same messages multiple times (more than 10 times in one evening alone), and having no one to contact to tell them to fix their error, we do have a school board referendum to vote on here this November that may be pretty tight because one was just recently voted down and they are back at it again. People apparently were thinking that this was in support of our school referendum. This is a college town where students get to vote and are encouraged to vote yes on an issue that is directly related to our already TOO HIGH property taxes.

Anyway, I still plan on trying to call her, and hopefully will get through at some point.

If this is truly out of TPS, I hope it makes national news. BOZOs.

I thank you for your assistance and enjoy the beautiful day!"

Here is the text from the radio blurb he referenced:

October 22, 2008 by Mitch

Superintendent: Not Our Calls

Heard those automated campaign calls? Irritated a little? Some have been plenty annoyed by calls asking for a yes vote on a pro-school measure in March. Apparently some technical screw-up involving Century Tel. But also something that's led to irritated calls to La Crosse schools superintendent Jerry Kembers office. He says, the calls have nothing to do with an upcoming referendum. The calls apparently originate from Toledo, Ohio. Originally placed on behalf of a school issue in that district in advance of a ballot measure this past spring.

TPS, Committee for Schools, and anyone else who might have control over this - I hope you're not being charged for these robo calls in Wisconsin - and maybe you can get them to stop.

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