Friday, October 31, 2008

Quote of the Day

(Friday FOIA will return after the election)

Columnist Thomas Sowell on the potential election of Sen. Barack Obama as president:

"Once the election is over, the glittering generalities of rhetoric and style will mean nothing."

Sowell's complete column.


Timothy W Higgins said...


The problem is that if Obama should win, we may all look back on those "glittering generalities" with fondness. The cold, hard facts behind them may be too much to face.

Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


Now it all makes sense.

So, Jennifer wasn't just being difficult, she was acting PARTISAN...

Clearly the acorn of truth has now come to light.

(Off with her head, if you ask me.)

Cynical Counsel said...

Maggie - thanks for posting on Thomas Sowell. I encourage everyone to read Sowell and Walter Williams, who are linked from TheA-HoleLawyer.

He is right, if Obama is picked, his campaign rhetoric will have no meaning. His record, history, party and associations - he has been quoted as admitting he is beholden to unions - will be the only thing that matters.

Taxes and the price of energy will rise, and our security will fall. This is not fear mongering this is a simple measure of what OPEC, Venazuella, and the rest of the world know they can expect from an inexperienced liberal Democrat as President.


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