Monday, October 06, 2008

Obama, Alinsky and voter fraud in Ohio has been doing some great reporting about voter fraud and questionable activities in Columbus, especially in the last 7 days when people could both register and vote on the same day.

I wrote about Shelby Holliday's story on a homeless man voting in Ohio before going back 'home' to Chicago.

I've just seen this video with Tiffany Wilson, also from, reporting to Fox News about a conversation with a volunteer who was encouraging people to vote for Obama.

Wilson said the volunteer was from Faith Vote Columbus, a non-partisan organization doing get-out-the-vote efforts.

According to their website:

Faith Vote Columbus is a coalition of religious congregations, neighborhood associations, and labor unions committed to:
1. Injecting issues of poverty and social justice into state and national elections.
2. Increasing voter turnout in urban precincts with histories of low voter participation.
3. Recruiting and training volunteers to engage in neighbor-to-neighbor non-partisan voter education campaigns on an on-going basis.
4. Maximizing the political power of disenfranchised communities.
5. Protecting the right to vote.

In 2008, Faith Vote Columbus will recruit and train 500 local volunteers to bring out 15,000 new voters in the neighborhoods where they live, work, and worship. Our efforts in 2008 will build a permanent organization that can change long-term voting patterns in communities where fewer than 50% of registered voters participated in the 2004 presidential election.

They are a chapter of the Ohio Industrial Areas Foundation (Ohio-IAF)as well as an affiliate of the national Industrial Areas Foundation.

When you look up Ohio-IAF, you'll find this statement:

The Industrial Areas Foundation was founded in 1940 by Saul Alinsky, considered by many to be the patriarch of modern community organizing. (emphasis added)

Yes, the same radical Saul Alinsky whose teachings presidential candidate Barack Obama follows. IAF also claims 'credit' for the living wage movement.

Is it any wonder, then, that a volunteer with this chapter of the organization is telling people she picks up and takes to the polls under a non-partisan GOTV effort to vote for Obama?

And just where are the Justice Department and IRS on this one?


Timothy W Higgins said...


Is it just me, or does the concept of a "non-partisan" effort to support a specific candidate seem a contradiction of terms?

Jay Ott said...

Although I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I do believe that people such as Alinksky and his followers do conspire to subvert social institutions:

But Alinsky’s brand of revolution was not characterized by dramatic, sweeping, overnight transformations of social institutions. As Richard Poe puts it, “Alinsky viewed revolution as a slow, patient process. The trick was to penetrate existing institutions such as churches, unions and political parties.” He advised organizers and their disciples to quietly, subtly gain influence within the decision-making ranks of these institutions, and to introduce changes from that platform. This was precisely the tactic of “infiltration” advocated by Lenin and Stalin. (see article here:

So the question is how should people respond when they see these kinds of people infiltrating their institutions?

Are people who are able to see what they're doing supposed to roll over and play dead as some would have us do and not say anything negative against these kinds of people who deliberately deceive people?

This subversion of our social institutions results in people claiming to be X, Y, or Z, using all the right language, while at the same time redefining the terminology.

Just because somebody claims to believe in "liberty" or uses the term, doesn't necessarily mean that they actually believe it.

A couple of important questions that should be asked are:

1. How should institutions guard themselves against being infiltrated in the first place?

2. What are some effective ways to expose their tactics of deception?

Unknown said...

I've been following the reporting on this too, and it's disappointing that once again the MSM has not picked up on it. It's fraud for a man who does not live here to register and vote here and then go back to Chicago.

Faith Vote Columbus should have their non-profit status taken from them. They give all of us who are out there trying to do this the right way a very bad name.

Maggie said...

Lisa - because I know you, I know that you are fair in how you approach the voter registration. I know that you would not tell someone whom to vote for, but you would help them find out about both candidates - in a fair and objective manner - and encourage them to make a decision on their own.

It's unfortunate that so many others don't have your honesty.

And I don't care if it's in support of a Republican or a Democrat, what these people are doing is wrong.

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