Friday, October 31, 2008

Ohioans Against Vote Fraud

Ohio bloggers are teaming up with Warner Todd Huston to highlight election issues from now until Tuesday ... or maybe after, depending on how the election goes.

If you'd like up-to-date information about what's going on around the state, be sure to read Ohioans Against Vote Fraud on a regular basis.

This is part of the Voter Integrity Project, a non-partisan project sponsored by the Sam Adams Alliance as part of its Sunshine on Elections effort. The purpose of the VIP project is for voters to come together to build information about vote fraud and vote suppression, in order to ensure a more fair, open, and democratic election process.

I am a contributor to this effort, as are many other bloggers in Ohio.

If you have an experience (good or bad) in voting that may fall under the category of 'vote fraud' or 'voter suppression,' please let me know.

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Cynical Counsel said...

An unfortunate result of all the pre-vote machinations and potential for fraud, is that the stage is set for another contested election as in 2000.

Despite which candidate appears to win on November 4th, these instances of irregularities, real or percieved, will be used to delay the final determination, or as ammunition to dispute the result.

November 5th is shaping up to be a scary day. Both locally and nationally I think the reaction to either an Obama loss or win posses a real safety issue. The only delay of that reaction may be the contest and fight over the vote count, however, that also raises the possibility of unrest.

Will it be close - I sure hope so, McCain is not a likely landslide winner. Will their be battles over the vote - for sure, many legitimate - Sadly Ohio for example.


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