Saturday, October 11, 2008

AFP #6 - Steve Moore

Dallas Woodhouse from North Carolina introducing one of the nation's thought leader promoting free markets...Steve Moore of the Wall Street Journal

former president of Club for Growth - worked for Reagan's commission on privatization - he knows about taxes and the economy...he writes for me and talks to the American people about the premise of prosperity.

Steve Moore was on Bill Maher's show last night debating Maxine Waters and then came back to be here today.

Steve Moore comments:

- was on the show with Oliver Stone and Maxine Waters and a 300-strong audience of flaming liberals.

- question on the show: do you believe in the idea of American exceptionalism? he said 'hell, yes!'

- Waters said she believed in re-regulation of markets and Moore looked up her record on Fannie and Freddie and she said 5 times during the hearings 'if it's not broke, don't fix it.' He also asked her about her campaign contributions from the Fannie/Freddie PAC...she denied taking any money from any of the Fannie/Freddie people. We're going after them and others to demand they give that money back to the American people.

- referencing October 1987 stock market crash and what Reagan did...people calling for more taxation and more regulation and more government spending. Even Reagan's people were advocating the spending/tax increase package saying Reagan just have to do this to save everything, as it was the best they could work out with the Dems. After thinking about it, Reagan says 'you tell those dirty rats, no deal.'

- everyone was quiet except me who yelled 'Yeah!' Everyone glared at me except Reagan who grinned ear to ear.

- newspaper poll - who was most to blame for financial crises: #1 answer in his paper was Washington DC (note: Toledo Blade poll showed almost evenly split between bankers and Republicans)

- we can turn toward capitalism or socialism

- tax fairness - soaking the rich 1% pay 39.8%. Top 50% of taxpayers pay 97% of taxes. Bottom 50% pay 3% with 35% paying nothing at all.

- redefining welfare benefits as a tax cut. How do you give a tax cut to people who pay nothing?

- small business people pay taxes at the individual tax rates. 72% of the people who will pay Obama's tax increase are small business people. You cannot create jobs by taxing small businesses.

- liberals love jobs but they hate employers.

- another threat we face is global warming. Thank you to AFP for taking on this scam. We're not running out of polar bears. I'm from Chicago - we don't talk about this as global warming, we talk about it as climate improvement.

- will you all agree with me? NO MORE BAILOUTS! NO MORE BAILOUTS! This is not capitalism, it is socialism. Capitalism: You reap the reward and pay the costs of your decisions


capt lou said...

EXCELLENT !! Good work.

Timothy W Higgins said...
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Timothy W Higgins said...


I apologize for the earlier typo, and have deleted the comment. I must be suffering from nerves.

Steven Moore appears to be one of the few voices of reason in these troubled times, and it's a shame that so few are paying attention.

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