Saturday, October 11, 2008

Live blogging AFP Defending the American Dream #1

Opening sequence was a video of Ray Charles singing 'America the Beautiful,' which is my favorite rendition of the song. They then showed a video documenting Americans for Prosperity's mission, goals, issues and state chapters.

Tim Reynolds, President, explaining why AFP does these summites:

* Send a message that there are still people across the country who don't look to the government to solve our problems

* Send a message to message to politicians to reign in spending.

* Provide training and education on issues.

* To ensure participants know that they're part of something bigger than themselves - part of a national movement dedicated to free markets and prosperity.

- left and big-government crowd has put pressure on government from grass-roots activists. We are providing an alternative view and representing what Americans want, from fighting tax increases in Virginia to California. California used an inflatable ATM and put a sign on it that said 'taxed to the max' and, as a result of the grass roots opposition, there is no tax increase in California this year. They stopped a health care plan in Wisconsin, and a transparency issue in Texas (taxpayer funded lobbying).

- we face tough opponents, but we are winning numerous battles. AFP can make a difference.

- we're not normal people. We're in a darkened ballroom focused on improving our nation while most Americans are enjoying the mostly good weather and watching football. But we're not normal in a good way - we're sacrificing in order to do something good for a our nation and our kids.

- we're on the right track when it comes to earmarks. Biggest threat to economic freedom is what Al Gore is suggesting when it comes to global warming. We will win that issue as well, as we educate the American public that 'cap-and-trade' means higher taxes.

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Timothy W Higgins said...

You make me very jealous that I circumstance prevented me from attending. The AFP does good work, and at a time when so many in conservative thought are focusing on victory, they focus on the potential for victory.

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