Tuesday, October 21, 2008

HOPE ON - Drill, drill, drill

NixGuy weighs in with Let's Never Find Out Part 2 - Drill, Baby, Drill.

In this second installment of HOPE ON, the focus is on Presidential Candidate Barack Obama's position on drilling and his idea of a 'windfall profits' tax.

Obama seems to think that oil companies need to be penalized, through taxation, for their success. Rather than understand how profits for companies are needed in order to have funds to invest in developing future supplies, Obama thinks that the profits are bad things - and that government needs those profits instead....to 'distribute' as government sees fit. This is socialism - taking from those who 'have' and giving to others that government deems are 'have nots.'

But then, we know his idea, as he told Joe the Plumber, is to 'share the wealth.'

When it comes to options for energy and fuel, I'm one of the 'all of the above' supporters. I think we have resources within our country we should be tapping to supply us with our needs, while we continue developing cost effective alternatives, including nuclear and clean coal. But that means we don't decimate our oil companies by taxing them more just to satisfy some campaign promise of a politician who doesn't understand the concept of supply and demand, or who wants to 'buy' votes by promising to take money from one in order to give it to another.

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