Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Leftist plan to suppress votes: make the lines longer

This link was sent to me by a friend who wondered just what kind of person it takes to think this way.

In summary - Larry L. Burks, a poster a Democratic Underground, is suggesting that people who've already voted go and stand in line on election day, reasoning that if the lines are long, voters won't stick around to cast their ballots. The clincher? Do this in REPUBLICAN dominated polling areas.

Don't believe me? Here's what he wrote:

"Here are the rules.

You can only vote ones. It's the law of the land.

But there is nothing in the rule book that says that you can't wait in line for a long time and you can do it as many times as you like. It's fun. Some people really like it. Some people stand in lines so that they can meet other people. And talk.

If you spread your self out. It makes the line look twice as long.

This means that if have voted early. Or you vote early on election day.

You have got your vote in.

If you go to where you know that only Republicans live there.

That there are only Republicans waiting in line to vote.

If you go to one of these polling places. The people that turn around and go home will be Republicans.

This is fair play. Flood the Republican polling places on Election Day with people waiting in line.

Jam The Republicans polling places come election day.

There are a lot more of us than there is of them.

What am I asking you to do is.

Go to the city's suburbs. This is where they live. This is where they live in those 250,000 houses, and drive Cadillac and Humvee to work ever day. You know where there at. Find out where they go to vote at. Where their poling places are at.

Vote once. Vote early.

Go to where all of the Republicans vote at and Stand in line long and often. Stand in line long and often. And stand In line long and often. Make it an all day a fair. A all day sucker.

From sun up. To sun down. Kind of like protesting for all the crooked things that they have done to us over the past eight years.

An all day protest. The type of protest that really works. The type of protest that get results. It's the only kind of protest that works.

Ever time that you get to the front of the line.

You look down at your watch. The say. " Oh My! I left a cake backing in the oven at home. And I don't want it to burn. I've got to go home now. By all."

" I've been waiting in this dam line for five hours. I've got to go to the bath room". And leave.

Walk around the block. To the end of the line. And get back in the line again.

The trick is to make the line look as if it's going to take eight hours to get to the front.

The good thing about all of this is. You don't even have to be a registered voter to stand in line.

All of you people that got kicked off the registered voters list. Illegally.

It's pay back time."

And Democrats say Republicans try to suppress the vote! Democrats and Republicans and Independents should all repudiate such suggestions.


Roman said...

Pardon me if I do not hold my breath waiting for any left leaning people to repudiate this.

Stix said...

Is this guy serious???

Norma said...

Yesterday at Vets Memorial in Columbus for EARLY voting the lines were 90 minutes long. I don't think people were leaving. There are so many early ways to vote in Ohio, that by Tuesday even with place holders in line, it shouldn't make a lot of difference.

A. Richardson said...

Hmm... Aren't they supposed to be the educated ones?

"You know where there at. Find out where they go to vote at. Where their poling places are at."

We are at places that don't use at, at the end of a sentence. It is a dangling modifier.

Speaking of this quote (and I could highlight others) what is up with the redundancy, misspellings, AND poor grammar? So much for being intellectuals.

gordon gekko said...

I'm convinced that most democrats suffer from psychological projection.

For the record, no one in my suburb drives a Hummer or Cadillac.

I drive an 8 year old Acura and my wife drives a 5 year old Pontiac.

I only see hummers and caddies in democratic neighborhoods.

LargeBill said...

Line? What line? You walk up and vote. Longest I've seen since we moved to this part of the state is two or three people in front of me.

Separately, his spelling is of the same quality as his thought process. What a moroon! Someone needs to check his meds. Either they're too strong or too weak.

Dan Wismar said...

You ask..."what kind of person comes up with such a plan?"

a semi-literate one, looks like.

Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...

And since retirement, people say that I haven't got a life...

Sheesh ;-)

Kadim said...

I have to laugh, but it wouldn't work.

Long lines at the polls doesn't make people leave. When they see long lines, they realize why it's important to vote and that everyone is voting so they better make sure their vote is cast as well.

Besides, those non-voters would be used up pretty quickly (after all, they get to the front of the line and leave, instead of voting, which takes up a lot of time.) So you'd need a lot of people at one polling station to pull this off.

And if this becomes an issue, you can always have a pollworker checking registrations at the end of the line.

*sigh* Not a very bright plan.

Timothy W Higgins said...

So a member of the party that has always "claimed" to stand up for voters' rights and the little guy is suggesting skulduggery and obstruction. I am shocked!

The kicker however, in light of recent proof of voter fraud on the part of the left, is the call to arms for: "All of you people that got kicked off the registered voters list. Illegally." This simply goes beyond the pale.

For those looking to delay or prevent me from voting on Tuesday, be it known, "I will wait until Hell freezes over to insure that my voice is heard!"

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