Saturday, October 18, 2008

"John" the plumber making robocalls for Obama

During my radio show, Eye On Toledo, last night, (podcasts available here) a caller related a phone call received from "John" the plumber encouraging a vote for Obama.

After the show I got this email:

Hi Maggie,

I heard a caller tell you she had received a call from John The Plumber tonight on your program. When I came home tonight, I found a recorded call on my answering machine from John The Plumber. It made me very disgusted and when I called back the number that was on the caller id (877-622-6264), there is a pre-recorded voice of Obama.

Thanks for all you do!


Do they think people are dumb enough to thing "John" is our Joe the plumber? Or did they pick the name "john" as a play on words?

Who knows, but they are obviously in spin mode trying to negate the impact our Joe has had on the Obama campaign.

As we all know: in campaign, when you're defending, you're losing.

UPDATE: Nixguy has more on similar efforts in other states.


navyvet said... must have them shaking in their scivies...and someone named Sarah is taking pictures.....

Timothy W Higgins said...


The left has lived rather comfortably over the years on an assumption of ignorance in the American voter. I therefore do not discount their efforts to take advantage of a populace that is often "informationally challenged", nor their ability to wrest defeat from victory.

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