Friday, June 15, 2012

From Right On Line - Welcoming Event

Sarah Palin at Right On Line:

(notes on her comments - apologies for typos)

* expresses appreciation for all that audience does - the vanguard for the future for our country - movement that defends our Republic because the old media doesn't know how to do that work.

* new media giving voice to the people...tea party is key - another victory in Wisconsin followings victories in 2010

* We honor Andrew Breitbart tonight ... last time I was with him was in Wisconsin.

* few people were willing to wade into the mass of community organizers and we did.

* we were there to plant the flag - hold the hilltop in spite of their cowbells, drum circles and bull horns.

* Wisconsin showed America that is there no limit to what could be accomplished when you don't care who gets the credit.

* While Wisconsin was standing by reform, the permanent political class was breaking promises they never intended to keep. Walker showed them the spine they didn't have and proved that they were 'fighting like a girl.'

* new media is a force for truth - doing what the old media won't.

* doesn't do much good to complain about the lies of old media...they're still wondering who is Trig's real mother...

* is it any wonder why it's any wonder they're tough to believe and trust.

* they lie and the new media arose because old media failed to tell the truth.

* Matt Drudge - the story he wrote about a president having an affair is about more than the affair. The old media spiked the story 11 times. Why? Because they're protecting their guy.

* old media cried foul and proclaimed him persona non grata. How dare this nobody try to influence the course of the news?!?

* He spoke later to the national press club. He proved you don't need a degree from a journalism school; you just need integrity and work ethic. That's what he told them and he told them the old media's days were numbered if they didn't return to truth.

* he was right - they made their choice and it wasn't for truth. Later, Breitbart told them the same thing. Their lack of truthfulness was going to kill them.

* There are good reporters out there - I know all two of them - but there are some who are still good and still practicing actual journalism.

* Media that was so concerned about one candidate's wardrobe, couldn't care less about the other candidate's associations, votes, strange attraction to the most radical of leftist ideas.

* They didn't vet Obama who proudly sought out socialist mentors and was a member of the socialist party when he first ran for office.

* The same media who was so concerned about my husband's independent voter registration couldn't be bothered with a candidate's socialist affiliation.

* Obama doesn't understand the private sector because he doesn't believe in the private sector.

* Can you imagine a mayor saying 'in my city hall' but this president said 'in my White House' ... a WH that politicizes national security by leaking information to propp up polls.

* They're propping up his polls trying to make him sound like a tough guy...

* if they'd vetted him, we would have known of his plan to spend us into oblivion - mind-boggling deficits and stimulus jobs paid for your children and their children and their children.

* if they'd done their job we would have known about his interest in apologizing for America, bowing to dictators, etc...

* despite what he tells you, we're not drilling everything, but we are subsidizing dictors to drill. The media didn't do their job to tell us that.

* but the media probably couldn't afford to send reporters to Chicago to learn about him because they spent so much money in Wasilla...

* but they could have just read his biography - cocaine snorting, dope smoking, dog eating ...

* reading his own words would have revealed a lot, but they didn't do their job.

* you are an army of Davids against the Goliath in the freedom of the press...

* In honor of the sacrifice of our troops - thank our vets for providing us with the freedom of the press.

* Lincoln said that the people, when given the truth, with defeat any national crisis. In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

* press has covered for the politicians who haven't told us the truth about the state of our union - what's going on in Greece is a proof.

* tweet - dear socilatist world, you ran out of our money cc: Margaret Thatcher

* lies, exposed, debt is due, riot is in the streets. We're the brokest nation in history...govt. telling seniors their funds are still there and they're not.

* Social Security is broke.

* promising young people debt via college loans; don't worry about the future - another lie being told.

* perpetuating deception that their degree is valuable, no matter what it's in..

* Occupy Unmasked exposes the fraud that is promoted by the Main Stream Media - it's a movement mobilized by leftist marxist anarchists who want to overthrow our system of capitalism.

* Democrat Media Complex embraced the Occupy Movement - you'll see in the preview what, exactly, they embraced while they demonized the tea party movement.

* You'll be outraged at the violence and the media for covering it all up. You'll be sad because it is a sad day when such behavior is seen in America.

* growing class of angry unemployed angry hands with heads full of Marxist lies. Who will tell them the truth? We will - we will reach theem through the media and politics and pop culture.

* Breitbart: culture is upstream of politics. Culture is influencing and leading.

* Influenc for good in culture.

* warning: no matter what happens, don't get co-opted by the mainstream press. Stay outside the machine - outside the establishment in order to hold theem accountable. Don't spin GOP failures the same way the left does for Democrats.

* make sure we don't go back - stay every vigilent holdin everyone's feet to the fire.

* be confident that you are prepared and recognize the gift you have been given at this time in our nation.

* without social media, our view would be so much more narrow...thank you for everything you do for trying to correct the untruths and share the real record.

* my family and I are so grateful for you efforts - we must continue to have each other's back. The more effective you become, the larger the target you become.

* Look at the harassment Michelle Malkin goes through - she's not going to go hide - she's going to strick out at those who would seek to destroy the america we love.

* What doesn't kill you makes you stronger - the yahoos who want to shut up Rush make him stronger...

* futile efforts to get constitutional conservatives to sit down and shut up.

* references Brett Kimberlin and his efforts to silence people who have the temerity to talk about his background as a terrorist and bomber...

* stand your ground and others will stand with you. Courage inspirers courage and victory begets victory. We will do whatever it takes to defend truth - don't retreat.

God Bless Americans for Prosperity and the United States of Ameria.


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