Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ohio Watchdog post update

Sharing my latest posts on Ohio Watchdog:

News Stories:

Buckeye State ranks 5th in nation in intellectual property jobs

Court dismisses ProgressOhio v. JobsOhio lawsuit

Most Ohio representatives score low on spending cuts

* What may surprise you on this is that several Tea Party Republicans score worse than Dennis Kucinich

House OKs photo requirement for scrap metal sales

* If you want to sell any scrap metal, be prepared to have your picture taken ... yes, that's supposed to help catch criminals steal metal out of homes.

Clock may be ticking on daylight saving time

HUD issues grants to teach proper grant spending

* You won't believe this - HUD thinks it needs to spend money to teach people who got HUD grants how to spend the money.

Kasich vetoes, but will fund, biometric pilot project

Toledo council knowingly violates charter to help union


Ohio to require training to get used car dealer license

Ohio shortens time to file written contract lawsuits

Ohio House passes SharedWork plan

Ohio's SharedWork plan hits partisan snags

Is Mr. Edison going to Washington?

State auditor: Stop the biodiesel requirement, save millions

* Seriously - if the state eliminated their mandate to purchase biodiesel fuels, it would save millions!


With regulations like this, who would want to be a precious metals dealer in Ohio?

* More regulations and more barriers to entrepreneurship

Sherrod Brown's hypocritical 'war on women'

* This one earned a mention on National Review's The Corner

Why I'm keeping my plastic bags

* Everything you need to know about what's best for the environment - it may surprise you!

I shouldn't be fingerprinted in order to get a prescription

* But you will be - this is a pilot program and the details mean it WILL be used state-wide.

Now we're fingerprinting out kids - for a lunch line?

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