Monday, June 11, 2012

Toledo council knowingly violates charter to help union

Considering how egregious the action by Toledo City Council was, I thought my comments about their willingness to violate our city's charter in order to help a union (not us - the taxpayers - mind you, but a union) deserved wider coverage.

My post on their action is up at Ohio Watchdog:

OH: Toledo council knowingly violates charter to help union

The most important thing Toledoans need to know is that the Democrat members of council (Republicans did not support the measure) decided that they would willingly and knowingly violate the charter in order to protect Firefighters Local 92 from having unknown costs associated with the domestic partnership benefits the city wanted to extend to same- and opposite-sex couples.

They have absolutely NO IDEA how much this is going to cost us, the taxpayers. And they don't seem to care. But when a union said, 'hey, wait a minute,' they jumped all over themselves - ignoring the advice of the law director - to be sure the union wasn't financially harmed.

Talk about arrogance, hubris, and disdain for the people who have to foot the bill...not to mention for the oath of office they took in which they swore to uphold the charter of the city of Toledo!

Remember this when they tell you we have to have a Recreation levy!

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skeeter1107 said...

Unfortunately they will pay no price for their willingness to blatantly violate the City Charter. Voters will not "turn them out" so to speak because of it.

So they are effectively immune. Further, because of the administration veto, they can go back to their union supporters and say, "hey we tried."

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