Saturday, June 16, 2012

RightOnLine - General Session #4 Hugh Hewitt

I picked up Hugh Hewitt partway into his comments dues to the technical issues...

He was talking about Ronal Reagan and a comment he once made relating to "help is on the way." He referred to various people involved with Reagan, Justice Roberts, Ed Meese and others who were integral to the Reagan Revolution and who continue to be loyal to the conservative cause.

He spoke about the young people and the older people here at RO12 and how we must work together and support each other. Everyday is a new day online - the barriers to entry are gone. Every one of us matters because we are all gatekeepers today.

He said that for 2012, our values will be stretched and tested. The election is about the values of the left versus the values of the right. He referenced back to the issues in 1980 and that 32 years from now, we could face the same type of issues. "We face another crisis like 1980 in 2012. Part of our obligation is that we plan for the cirsis 32 years from now. We have to plan that far ahead because there is no 'end' to history. So make sure you're committed - and not just to this fall.

He urged us to be committed to the defense of the nation in our on-line communications. He said we have to speak for those in uniformed services who cannot speak for themselves.

Reagan could make demands on the Russians because he was backed up by over 600 ships. today we have only 283. That's why he could demand "tear down this wall." He said sequestration cannot go forward - we are not reserving the military that makes us a free nation. We have to tell the story because they cannot.

He also said that what matters most is helping others. Andrew Breitbart, Juan Williams and Hewitt were in a green room before an event. Breitbart was talking about others - talking up the success of other people he knew or had heard about. The success of others is YOUR success.

He made a point of saying the he does not compete with other talk show hosts like Hannity, Rush, Ingram, Levine - "we complement each other." He said we're like Amish barn builders - we get together to build. We do NOT complete, we complement.

He said our metrics by which we judge what we do should not be page vies on a blog or twitter followers - it should be what we do for others - how we help others succeed.

"You are each other's best advocate. Promote good always. Find the good and praise it in our movement. Breitbart is here and more Breitbarts are coming. Help is on the way." And then he listed the names of various candidates and leaders in the conservative movement, including Ohio's senatorial candidate Josh Mandel.

He then introduced Guy Benson, the next speaker. You can go to my next post for Benson's comments.

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