Friday, June 08, 2012

Going dark to urge congressional action: Who will protect the freedom to blog?

I wanted to share with you an action that many bloggers are participating in:

Going dark to urge congressional action: Who will protect the freedom to blog?

As I committed to covering the Future of Journalism Summit sponsored by Heritage Foundation and the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, including tonight's Breitbart Awards Dinner, I cannot go dark. But I can share with you Michelle Malkin's column and urge you to do and bloggers are doing and contact your members of Congress to help protect the freedom to blog.

This is not a left/right or Republican/Democrat issue - this is about our fundamental right to free speech.

Here is the start of her column. I hope you'll read the entire post and use her links to contact members of Congress and help protect everyone's First Amendment rights.

My syndicated column today covers the crucial battle between truth-telling bloggers versus convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin and his band of malicious online thugs. In honor of the National Day of Blogger Silence called by Ace of Spades, this blog is going dark. But far from shutting up, I’ll be spending the day calling, e-mailing, and tweeting members of Congress, GOP leaders, journalists, and influencers to ask them what they are doing to defend the First Amendment rights of bloggers. This is a day of action, not inaction. Below my column, I’ll list some contact info for elected officials who need to hear from you. Please join us and act for free speech. Thank you.


Who will protect the freedom to blog?
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2012

Free speech is under fire. Online thugs are targeting bloggers (mostly conservative, but not all) who have dared to expose a convicted bomber and perjuring vexatious litigant now enjoying a comfy life as a liberally-subsidized social justice operative. Where do your elected representatives stand on this threat to our founding principles?

On Wednesday, U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) bravely stepped forward to press this vital issue. In a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, Sen. Chambliss decried the “harassing and frightening actions” of Internet menaces who have recently gone after several conservative new media citizen journalists and activists. (VIDEO here.)

GOP Rep. Ken Marchant of Texas also added his voice, telling Holder in a statement that he is “very afraid of the potential chilling effects that these reported actions may have in silencing individuals who would otherwise be inclined to exercise their Constitutional right to free speech.” And the American Center for Law and Justice, a leading conservative free speech public interest law firm, announced it was providing legal representation to the National Bloggers Club – a new media association that has provided support and raised funds for targets of this coordinated harassment. (Full disclosure: I volunteer on the National Bloggers’ Club board of directors.)

The ACLJ described the importance of the case very simply: “Free speech is under attack.”

Read more.

There is also this column on National Review Online: Defending Bloggers from Attacks, Intimidation and Frivolous Lawsuits.

Here is an on-line petition, if you'd like to show your support.

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skeeter1107 said...

One more example of the attacks on our personal freedoms in this country.

If there is anything we can take away from these many instances is that we must....must be vigilant in defending our rights. We cannot ever assume or take for granted that all Americans of varying opinions believe in freedom as we do.

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