Saturday, June 16, 2012

Right On Line - Opening Session #1

Today's opening session - these are my rough notes from the speakers, so please excuse any typographical or grammatical errors. In an effort to not miss anything, I'll probably post without spell-checking.

Tim Phillips, President of Americans for Prosperity:

(lost the live stream in the blogger lounge for a bit - picking up)

* More AFP activists in Wisconsin than teacher union members.

* If bold in plan and excellent in execution, you can beat them.

* Largest opponent to prosperity - government unions. Exit polls show that over 30% of private sector unions supported Gov. Walker.

* Divide between public and private sector unions.

* It can never be about a political party or individual candidates, it has to be about principles and moving our country forward with free market principles.

* was told that 'working people appreciate AFP standing up for working folks'

* Hopefully effort in WI will continue to other states like Ohio.

* A Republican Governor (Snyder - MI) told him that 'we don't want all that confrontation' like they had in WI. But if confrontation is the result of standing up for what is right, we need to stand.


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