Monday, June 04, 2012

Sarah Palin to headline RightOnLine

Numerous times I've been at events where Sarah Palin was scheduled to speak, but schedules and timing of flights, etc.. kept me from actually hearing her. So when I got the following press release for her appearance at RightOnLine, I was really excited because I'm finally going to be able to hear her in person. That she is introducing Andrew Breitbart's new film "Occupy Unmasked" is just a bonus.

Americans For Prosperity Foundation is really good about making sure the speakers make it around to bloggers row, in addition to the print, tv and radio media, so I may actually get a chance to talk to her directly. I've always been impressed with her sincerity when I've seen her interviews, so this will be an opportunity to see that in person.

Check out the RightOnLine website and see if you, too, can join one of the largest gatherings of conservative activitist in the nation.

Press Release:


Governor to participate in 'Tribute to Andrew Breitbart' and introduce new film "Occupy Unmasked"

LAS VEGAS, NV - Today Americans for Prosperity Foundation announced former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as a headline speaker at the fifth annual RightOnline Conference ( RightOnline, held in Las Vegas on June 15 & 16, is the premier conference for bloggers and online activists to network while learning new tactics and strategies for effective advocacy online.

AFP Foundation President Tim Phillips said, "Sarah Palin is an expert at harnessing social media technology and tactics to shape the narrative. Few others have demonstrated Palin’s prowess at breaking the rules of the Old Guard Media. We’re thrilled to have her join us at RightOnline, which already features some of the most influential figures and publishers of online news in the country.”

Governor Palin will participate in Friday evening's 'Tribute to Andrew Breitbart' by the Breitbart News team and will introduce Citizen United's new film "Occupy Unmasked" written/directed by Stephen K. Bannon and featuring Andrew Breitbart.

Palin is the latest to join an already impressive lineup of new media gurus that includes pollster Scott Rasmussen, author Jonah Goldberg, FOX News contributor Michelle Malkin, Breitbart News editor Dana Loesch, and many more. For the fifth year in a row, RightOnline is the can't-miss event for liberty-loving bloggers and citizen journalists who want to take their online activism to the next level.

To learn about the other speakers at RightOnline and for frequent updates, visit Join the conversation on Twitter with hashtag #RO12.

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