Monday, June 25, 2012

Hey Webb and Steel - whatever happened to the camera revenue that was supposed to fund recreation?

On January 24th, Finance Director Patrick McLean told Toledo City Council that 11 additional red light cameras were to be installed around Toledo to raise $320,000 to fund recreation programs.

As I wrote at the time:

Can't you just see the ads now?

* Run a red light - it's for the children!

* When you run a red light, that money goes to buy eggs for the annual Easter Egg hunt. Don't let needy children go without an egg on Easter - run a red light today!

and my favorite for which I even made a poster

* Without government recreational programs, kids will turn to crime. So run a red light ... commit a crime to keep kids from becoming criminals.

The next day, The Blade reported:

Finance Director Patrick McLean told Toledo City Council members the city wants to expand its red-light camera program to 11 additional intersections by May, adding to more than 30 already in operation. The new cameras would generate about $320,000 this year, enough to plug a shortfall for recreation in the 2012 budget, he said.

The cameras also would generate recreation program revenue into the future, the finance director indicated. He did not have information Tuesday on where the new devices would be located.

So if the revenue from the red light cameras is supposed to go to fund recreation programs, why do we need a levy???

Inquiring minds....

(For further information the levy - which will have a second reading at tonight's council meeting, you can read here and here.)

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The Frizzy Hooker said...

I wish there was an good answer to your question.

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