Saturday, June 16, 2012

RightOnLine - General Session #5 Guy Benson

Guy Benson is the political editor of Here are my notes of his comments:

* in 2010 we were here in Vegas - grass roots activists recharged heading into the mid-term elections.

* we were committed to sending a clear, unambiguous message that we had had enough of the leftist policies we were getting from Congress and the White House.

* we elected 63 new Republican representatives, 6 new Republican senators and 6 new Republican governors.

* we meet again with a much larger backdrop.

* on Wednesday, got a call from a 212 area code and it was a nice young woman who asked 'pretty please' would I appear on the Ed Schultz show with Ed Schultz.

* Here's what Ed Schultz said when Obamacare was being debated: "Republicans lie. They want to see you dead. They kind of like it when that woman gets cancer."

* I pondered if I really wanted to do this and then thought - it could be really fun, so I accepted. And the called seemed actually relieved that I'd said yes. Apparently she doesn't get that kind of response from conservatives when she calls them.

* They sent me the topics: 1) Are damned Republicans intentionally sabataging the economy to hurt Barack Obama? 2) Should Obama blame Bush more? I was the only conservative guest on the show.

* Call this alternate reality TV. After multiple interruptions I finally got out that Democrats had control of Congress for 2 years under Obama and that the idea Republicans were blocking everything good in the world was nonsense.

* Also pointed out that while Obama's campaign slogan is "forward," his strategy is backwards - blaming Bush for everything.

* People didn't like that, and I must have struck a nerve based upon the Twitter comments I received. Guess what word she misspelled?

* Turned to Wisconsin, noting that they chose the fight; they insisted that the state spend $16 million for a recall election; they were the sore losers who didn't like the decisions the elected governor was making. They failed.

* Walker won with more than 200,000 more than 200,000 more votes than he'd won in 2010. The spin was that this was somehow a victory for Obama based upon flawed exit polls that showed people would vote for the president. Guess what? Polls show Romney leading Obama in Wisconsin.

* The left's myriad failures did not occur in a vacuum. Walker's free-market, limited government reforms worked. And he was rewarded by voters who have not voted for a Republican for president since before I was born.

* They were out-hussled, out-fundraised, out-worked and out-messaged by you.

* asks people to raise their hand if they were from Wi and voted for Walker; asked rest to raise their hand if they donated to Walker; then asked anyone who helped on the ground to raise their hand. Then asked, "Are you a Koch brother?" (a reference to the left's claim that the Koch brothers bought the election).

* taxxpayers are starved for financial restraint.

* Defeating the left took a mammoth and focused effort and it's up to us to follow the Wisconsin model 'forward' to victory.

* Nothing says 'productive member of society' like a furious profanity-laden tweet in all caps.

* On woman sent multiple tweets the essence of which was that I was illiterate.

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