Sunday, June 17, 2012

RightOnLine - Roger Hedgecock and S.E. Cupp

Notes from Roger Hedgecock:

* I now have a calendar that is BW and AW - Before Wisconsin and After Wisconsin.

* California is currently living in Obama's second term. If you want to know what things could be like if Obama is re-elected, just look at California. It has an administration that is anti-business in every way - but it's not alone. Illinois and Maryland are right there, too.

* They all seem to think that the answer to everything is to raise taxes so they can 'be fair.' And just how fair? California has a 10.3% tax on it's 'filthy rich' who make over ... $43,000.

* here's a story about California that I hope will scar you into doing more for the 2012 electioon...

* the air pollution control unit has barred bakeries from exhaling into the atmosphere the smell of baking bread. They claim it's a pollutant. Bakeries had to install scrubbers on all their exhausts to prevent the smell of the baking bread from polluting us.

* Have you had enough government yet?

* There are 10,000 Barack Obama wannabes at every level.

* we need to be committed. Old media (radio) and new media together need to 'network the crazy' out of the upcoming election. It doesn't take much and we're not asking for a revolution.

* Our founding fathers left us with a peaceful way to change our government. but not without challenges ... Florida had 83,000 dead people on their voter registration lists. I guess even dead people deserve representation.

* Need to continue to communicate with each other and our friends, families and neighbrs. Don't want a failure of communication to stop us.

* We need to contrast the fear from the other side to our righteous knowledge that if - when - we prevail, people will be much better off. Even the president can't say, "I'm better off than I was four years ago."

Notes from S.E. Cupp:

* Great to leave Manhattan and cme back to 'real America.'

* Work for one of the greatest bosses in the world - perhaps you've heard of him: Glenn Beck?

* But have you heard the world is ending? He's got me stockpiling food, ammo, ... nice to cme out to the real world.

* Social media is changing how we get our news ... making a news consumption experience - more intimate. It's a "customized experience" that we want and expect. Social media does that. It allows you to customize.

* Twitter is my news aggregator. I get who I want to hear and I don't have to listen to that I don't. It's democratizing how we consume news but it also makes it more intimate.

* Lost our small time newspapers. Lost the local information as we've become more global. We miss that. But social media is like waking up to that small-time paper every day.

* People who understand the power of this are young people. They understand how to use it as a tool for nothing less than revolution.

* Think about how rebellious a young conservative actually is. The real rebels these days are the young conservatives (especially on college campuses) who are having marches for fiscally conservative principles. They're the ones doing the revolution and they're using social media to do so.

* Things are moving so fast - the world can be intimate again - social media is making that happen and it's the key to our future. We don't know what it will become, but we can use it and make it work for free market principles.

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