Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sherrod Brown's anti-coal vote hurts Ohio

Press release from Ohio Coal Associatioon :

Brown's Vote Against Coal Hurt Ohio

COLUMBUS, Ohio (June 20, 2012) – Today Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown voted against a Congressional Review Act (CRA), Senate Joint Resolution 37, that would have disapproved and nullified the EPA’s recently issued rule penalizing Ohio’s coal-fired electric power plants.

“Instead of helping Ohio families and workers still reeling from America’s economic downturn, Senator Brown chose to show his support for an EPA rule issued by President Obama that would destroy Ohio jobs and sky-rocket electricity prices for consumers,” said President of the Ohio Coal Association Mike Carey.

The CRA introduced by Senator Inhofe (R-OK) would make sure the EPA writes a sensible regulation that reduces mercury emissions but does not raise energy prices unnecessarily. Senator Brown did not support the measure when it was voted on today.

“The rules issued by the EPA are an unreasonable extension of President Obama’s war on the coal industry and Ohio electricity consumers. Ohio’s coal industry supplies the majority Ohio’s electricity and keeps rates competitive. Dramatically increasing these rates will destroy important economic sectors in Ohio, including manufacturing which needs low energy costs to compete in a global marketplace,” said Carey.

Independent research shows electricity prices could increase by as much as 300 percent in northern Ohio. UBS projects prices will increase at least 60 percent for 2015-2016.

“Ohioans are paying a high price for Senator Brown’s support for the Obama war on coal,” said Carey.



Norma said...

Brown is more interested in supporting Obama than the people of Ohio.

Nick (aka Bytor) said...

But...but...Ted Strickland said Obama SUPPORTS coal!

Maggie said...

I know, Nick...wonder how he's going to spin that now? Perhaps like means hate in dem-speak. Orwell would be proud.

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