Saturday, June 16, 2012

RightOnLine - General Session #2

We had some technical issues with the streaming of the speakers for the general session so I decided to just listen to the live stream over my computer, but all the computers were having the same buffering issues so I resorted to manual notes from the speakers.

Here are my notes from their comments:

Michelle Malkin talked about Twitter and how conservatives are winning the war in that realm. She started Twitchy which is a twitter aggregator with commentary to document what is going on relating to various issues in the Twitter-verse.

She explained that it's all about pushing back against the false progressive narrative. "We can detail our thoughts succinctly - unlike what we get from the inarticulate progressives in the public sphere." She explained that we don't defeat the narrative by ignoring them, but by engaging them and challenging them and pushing back on the falseness of their claims.

Twitter, she explained, is an in-your-face form of communication with the left. It is more than just games, as they like to describe what we do to them - and hash tags are the key to engaging them. Think of the hash tag - # - a pound sign, as pounding right back at them.

But conservatives need to remember to keep their sense of humor. We can use the @ to talk directly to them, but they often describe that as 'harassment.'

How do we know that we're winning the war on Twitter? Think about the 'Obama eats dogs' jokes that started on line and quickly made their way into the main stream culture. She told about her hairdresser who repeated to her many of the things she'd be reading on Twitter.

She encouraged conservatives to not be afraid to join Twitter as we could and to take their memes and turn them backk - but with intelligence and facts because they just can't compete on that realm.

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